Stay ahead of IoT safety curve with smarter, more focused visibility

Real-time Entity Anomaly Detection

Entity Anomaly Detection

Concerned about vulnerability in your IoT deployment?  We deliver real-time peace of mind to the corporate CISO - by continuously detecting anomalous patterns.

Data Integrity, Privacy, and Security

Data Integrity and Privacy

Compliance issue, misbehaving IoT, or manual security update? We enable wireless IoT safety and security as a service - leveraging agentless methodology.

Network-level Behavioral Analytics

Network Level Behavioral Analytics

Our cognitive analytics not only focuses on external attacks but also  insider threats.  We produce actionable intelligence to the SOC team for faster remedy.

Makes IoT device, data, and networks more visible, intelligent, and responsive

Wispero Approach

Seamlessly guarding your IoT assets and detecting vulnerabilities.  Detailed device and event profiles are visualized to provide a real-time map of security vulnerability of IoT network.  Once data is collected and categorized, it is then sent to the cloud security and analytic engine for deep analysis to create attack models to enhance security. Like a bloodhound, it checks if security of a device has been compromised and provides actionable insights to remedy the issues such as providing new firmware.