Network-level behavioral analytics and data-driven insights to ensure wireless IoT safety

Wispero Safe Flight (Android App)


Unified solution to find and fix the vulnerabilities present in your BLE devices, which are either present nearby or located remotely, by updating their firmware. Also, the firmware update can be done individually or in groups by selecting the devices, starting firmware update, and safeguarding your devices.


Real time Vulnerability Detection


Detect vulnerability of devices in your unlicensed wireless network (ex: Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) devices) without changing the network topology.


Highly Distributed and Scalable


Add remote gateways and run detection on your gateways to monitor aggregated devices within multiple zones in your network remotely.


Actionable Intelligence


Once vulnerability is detection, it maps out the security details of the IoT network so that every critical loophole is plugged.  It provides aggregated insights to enable OT and IT administrators with smart decision.


Secure Updates and Patching


It manages cyber security risks, builds digital resilience, and safeguards key assets.


Wispero Safe Flight (Web Console)


A solution to increase network state visibility by scanning all the devices present in your organization, show vulnerability report for every device and use patented deep neural network algorithms for entity behaviour analysis.


Real-time Network Monitoring


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Vulnerability Reporting


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